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Shipping Terms and Conditions

Shipping – Terms and Conditions

We will ship anywhere in the world. However there are any regulations to follow. For that reason, all items that require Cites Export permits will only be sent with our Freight Forwarder. He will make sure that all paperwork like Veterinary Certificates, Certificates of Origin and Cites Export permits are in order and will then send your order once your countries Import regulations, like a possible Cites Import permit are in place. The shipment will than be submitted to Canada Customs and Environment Canada for inspection. Once that is done the shipment is cleared to be sent by airfreight to your destination. Domestic shipments can be sent by parcel post. Depending on the items, a Provincial Export permit or a Marine Mammal Transport License may be required.

Please be aware any shipping charges, Import taxes, duty or brokerage fees are your responsibility. We advise you to check with your local customs office or customs broker for information.

We accept Visa and MasterCard for payments or bank transfers for larger orders. You can place an order online using the shopping cart system or give us a call. We will not charge your card until we contacted you regarding the freight cost and Import ­ Export regulations.

All our Prices are in Canadian Dollars. Domestic sales are subject to 5% GST.