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Polar bears are extremely rare. The hunting of those bears in Canada’s Arctic is strictly controlled and the quota
taken by the Inuit hunters is small. Climate change may be a threat to this specie’s future.
We manage to buy a few polar bear skins every year. Those hides are tanned commercially. We like to leave the hair
natural, not bleaching it with chemicals, damaging the hair over time. The mounting is done professionally, using the
best materials. Like on all our fur rugs, polar bear rugs have a double felt border and foam under layer between the
lining and hide, adding extra protection and body to the rugs.

Polar bears, (Ursus maritimus), can only be exported with Cites permit documents. Please allow 6 – 8 weeks to
obtain this permit prior to shipping them internationally. The Marine Mammal Act does not allow polar bears to be
exported into the USA.

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