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All hides used to make Fur Rugs out are carefully selected hides of highest quality.
We tan them commercially and professionally mount the Rugs of Bears and wolfs using the
best materials. All Rugs have a double felt border and quilt padding inside between the bottom
lining and the hide, to make the Rugs full looking and fluffier.

Polar Bears (Ursus maritimus), Black Bears(Ursus americanus) and Wolfs (Canis lupus)
are regulated under Appendix II of CITES.

Polar Bears can not be exported to USA, United Kingdom, Mexico or Taiwan.

Our Buffalo Robes are chosen winter hides from Bison harvested from northern Alberta Ranches.
They are soft tanned and blocked to lay nice and flat, without backing.

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$ 1,500.00$ 2,500.00
  • USD: $ 1,084.80 - $ 1,808.00
$ 1,400.00
  • USD: $ 1,012.48
$ 1,850.00$ 2,300.00
  • USD: $ 1,337.92 - $ 1,663.36

All our Prices are in Canadian Dollars. Domestic sales are subject to 5% GST.