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Polar Fur Traders

Welcome to Polar Fur Traders

Polar Fur Traders is a licensed Fur Dealer and Taxidermy company. With over 30 Years experience, we work with the best Hunters and Trappers in the Canadian Arctic. We are your Direct Source for Furs, Hides, Bear Rugs, Taxidermy mounts, Buffalo Robes and more. Plus when you buy from us, you bypass all the middlemen and are dealing direct with the manufacturer.

We sell a range of products including polar bear rugs, black bear rugs, wolf rugs, fur blankets and fur throws, furs and hides for décor or garment, hides and capes for taxidermy and taxidermy mounts.

Our customers include Decorators, Collectors, Museums, Taxidermists, Retailers, Diplomats and Homemakers from around the Globe.

We ship World Wide*. Some animals, like bears and wolf need Cites export permits to leave Canada. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for those permits, prior to ship them International.

* Please note: Polar bears can not be shipped to the USA and Mexico.


All our Prices are in Canadian Dollars. Domestic sales are subject to 5% GST.